Friday, November 23, 2012

Still Battling The Cold…And Then OMG!

I’d thought I would be done with it within two or three days, but my cold seems to be more persistent. Yesterday, at Thanksgiving, I was doing just fine – until the evening when everything got worse. Went to bed very early and took an Ibuprofen, which kept things under control for most of the night. Feel sorry for Bea who probably lost her sleep as well.

Thanksgiving was a hot day and what else can a fellow do than sitting in the shade. But hey, it’s better than a cold Norwester blowing from Quebec.

Speaking of Quebec, did you know that the province of Quebec has a language police? I’m not kidding. If you run a business there you have to put your business name into French. That goes also for Walmart, Best Buy, Target and all the other big shots. The name must show what they are selling. If the merchant doesn’t change its name fines up to $20,000 are looming. A few of the big outlets have started to fight the thing in court. I really hope they win. What happens in Quebec is going straight towards a dictatorship. What’s next? No English learning in schools, or only French speaking folks are riding public transit? It seems to fit in with what’s going on in Alabama where separate schools for blacks and whites are in the discussion.
The fact that it goes on right smack in the middle of Democratic Canada and the Feds don’t do nothing against it is outrageous.  You can read about

Ok, I had to let off steam. It has been boiling for a while. Now I’m feeling good.
Despite my cold I went along yesterday with our friends to the Golden Corral for Thanksgiving Dinner. Normally, we would have it right here in Camp, but this year not many people are here, and so it was decided to go eating outside. It was all good and of course, I ate too much. There was no more food for this guy, the rest of the day.
As this morning ran up with a deep blue sky and the desert heat was looming just 30 minutes away, I made for a quick run to the hot tub. Thought it would be good for fighting the cold. And I still think it’s good, but then what happened?
I had been under the shower and was now standing in the deep-water tub, trying to get the water out from my eyes. Doing that, I accidently pushed my glasses too much of my face and they disappeared in the water. Everybody who knows me, also knows that I’m a blind fish without my glasses. And of course, I would never ever been able to find them in 5ft. deep water. A gentleman being with me in the tub dived after them and brought them up again. Thank you, thank you for being there at the right time!

Thanks for visiting and stay cool out there!


  1. Dieppe nb with is on the outskirts of Moncton made all the malls and businesses change all their signs..:(..and put the french first...drives me when we all (the english) go shopping at Champlain Place we see everything in french before the english..looks like you had a good dinner..hope you feel better soon

  2. Sure wish you could get rid of that cold. Don't sit in the shade - sit in the sun and maybe you can bake it out of your chest. Before I had lasik I was blind as a bat and would have been panic stricken if I couldn't find my glasses. Sure glad there was somebody there with you.

  3. Hope you cold clears up soon. Nice to get together for the Thanksgiving dinner too.

  4. Don't even get me started about Quebec !!! LOL


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