Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Time To Get the Heck Out Of Here

Long Johns during the last three days, a thermometer which shows  temps below the freezing mark and a bone-chilling wind which makes my eyes water, those are the ingredients making us look forward to get out of here a.s.a.p.

True, we have never been that long up here, experiencing  the “blessings” of a beginning winter, and there is a darn good reason for that, WE HATE WINTER!

We could live on Hawaii and would never dream of getting outta there. 75F year-round would be just perfect for us. Flowers growing, vegetables 12 months from our own garden 12 months a year --- PERFECT.

But we are not on Hawaii. We are in New Brunswick, Canada. Not that this province is any worse off than any other Canadian Province – not weather wise, no Sir! We just happen to be located way too much north on this continent.

I know a guy, in fact we were sorta colleagues once, who lives in NUUK, Greenland. Don’t be fooled by the “green” in Greenland. It’s not green. most of the time it’s white – like in snow-white. he’s an actor of profession, at least he was, because now he’s the leader of the only National Theatre of Greenland. We met over in Norway. Guess it wasn’t cold enough for him over there. Got himself married there in Greenland.

Well, now we are neighbours, he’s kinda just across the Labrador Sea. Labrador is just another cold place on earth. Beats me why people are living up there.

I kinda dared to get outside a coupla times today. You know Molly needs to walk and I needed to get the curtains hung in the van.
Also had myself a trip across the border. Answer to the CBP agent today was: Destination Hardware store. She had a strange woolen Santa-style something on her head. Poor thing must have been cold in her glass booth. Water street in Lubec looked like a severe pandemic had gripped the town – nobody around.  A cold wind was sweeping around the corners. Even the hardware store felt cold.

It’s really time to get the heck outta here!



  1. Just reading your post made me cold. Brr.

  2. Early September is the latest we can stay in Maine without feeling exactly what you're saying. We got the hell out of Maine just after Labor Day an don't regret it one bit. Not sure where you're heading but hope it's somewhere where the temps are at least slightly above freezing of a morning. Not that we're a heck of a lot better off her in TX where it's in the 40's in the Early AM... BUT SURE AS HECK GETS TO THE 70'S by late PM. Hope you get the heck out of "dodge" soon!

  3. so get on outta there :) safe

  4. stay warm, at least till you head to the warmer climates!

  5. Yup, I also got COLD just reading your post. You sure did a great job on the van's interior !

  6. Looks like you are ready to hit the road, safe travels.

  7. Great post - made me laugh this morning. That warm sun is going to feel all the better!


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