Monday, November 19, 2012

We Made It!

I know that quite a few of you guys out there have already been poring over your computer, hoping to see the last update of our trip south. But we just have been too busy- until now, to sit down to make a new posting. Also Bea has taken a lot of pics today, which needed to be processed. I will just give a very short outline of today’s journey and the rest will be pics, as they can tell more than thousand words.
1-DSC_0492 1-DSC_0495

The “train-night” was over at 6am, even though I was hesitant to get up as I had heard a light drizzle on our roof.
But we had 500 miles to go and I hate to set up camp after dark. So off we went. It rained quite a bit but stopped after 7am. In fact, as we were driving due west the clouds moved into the opposite direction, so pretty soon it was dry.
Today’s price shocker was a gas station between Deming and Benson,AZ. No price signs were posted so I was suspicious and asked the lady behind the counter. $4.67/gal for unleaded was the answer. Now, compare that to $3.07 at that Texas station the other day. Both were mom and pop shops, owned privately, yet the lady behind the counter told me that weren’t gettin’ the same price cut than the big corporations. While that might be true, there is still no basis for a price gouging like this. Needless to say we left without buying a single gallon.

I always love to come up from Tucson, and today was no exception. The air was crystal clear as we ran along I-10. It was still only 8:30am.
No smog in Tucson this morning

1-DSC_0519 1-DSC_0503

1-DSC_0509Texas Canyon is another beautiful place and Bea took a picture of something we have never seen, or should I say NOTICED before. Two old Inkas were hiding among the rocks. You can see them to the left.

Yuma seems to grow with every year we come visiting. Some Rv-parks were packed while others still had lots of space. I am always wondering why people would like to be in one of these parks, set up like herrings in a fish barrel. No shade from trees and bare concrete under their feet. HORRIBLE! I’d rather stay home than be in a place like that.

Well, seem this posting is growing longer than I first anticipated, so I better shut up and let the pics do the rest of the talking.

Thanks for following us on this journey.
1-DSC_0499 1-DSC_05141-DSC_0526  Arizona celebrating its Centennial Year

1-DSC_0497 1-DSC_0524
Picacho Peak between Tucson and Phoenix
YUMA and
Imperial Sand Dunes
Old Mission Church in Yuma
Dune buggies in the dunes
1-DSC_0554 1-DSC_0537
No desert here: Colorado water brings out tons and tons of vegetable at Yuma
And finally:
1-DSC_0573 1-DSC_0572

Above: Today’s trip

and below our entire route



  1. Love todays pictures, can't wait to get out that way, hopefully soon. Enjoy the Hotsprings! Say Hi to Alene and Don and the rest of the crew for us.

  2. Nice post and you're where? Holtville?

    1. In the east mesa north of the I-8 near ramp (mile) 115 exit also called "Van der Linden". About 7 miles west of Holtville, CA.
      LTVA Hot Spring on 3050 Evan Hewes Hwy.

  3. gorgeous pictures....glad your there safe and sound..we're on the concrete in the fish bowl..and thats just the way I like good size lots tho...that is quite the rip off on the gas...

  4. Totally agree with you about the RV Park stuff but glad most people prefer that type of RVing because it just means a whole lot more open spaces with peace & quiet for we RV'ers who do not:))


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