Sunday, November 25, 2012

Why Are We HERE?

When we first coincidentally discovered Holtville back in the fall of 2005 we had no idea that we would come back here year after year to camp in a stretch of desert which, admittedly doesn’t look very appealing at first sight.  Instead our mind was set to lush palm trees and maybe the blue surface of a lake. So, arriving out here, we figured we stay a coupla days, then move on.

Well, one day followed the other and before we knew it we made friends with other Rvers out here. Our stay lasted from November 7 to January 16. First after that we moved on to Texas. Thinking back, when we left we were already “infected” with what almost turned into an obsession in the future. The area around Holtville or the Imperial Valley all the way to Yuma,AZ turned out to be consistently the warmest….and driest in the Continental United States. And wasn’t that the reason why we had gotten on the road in the first place? To find a summer climate which would last all winter through.

I remember talking to mom from a phone booth in Holtville on Christmas day 2005. The phone was mounted outside on the wall of a gas station. It was almost 90F and sweat was pouring from under my cap. Over in Germany it was a cold winter day and I remember I told mom how hot it was.
We had our Christmas dinner outside – in shorts and T-shirts. It was an experience I will never forget.

We are camped only 7miles from the City of Holtville, which is the nearest place to go shopping,- basic shopping that is. There are other places like City of El Centro, City of Calexico, City of Imperial and City of Brawley. If one likes to drive the distance one can also get to Yuma,AZ (40miles) But lets have a look at Holtville for now. They’ve got an interesting history:

The city of Holtville, or Holton as it was first called, was founded by W.F. Holt and incorporated in 1908. Holt was a banker from Missouri who moved to the west for health reasons. Holt had a vision of what the Imperial Valley would become, and in the process he was the first to envision a town east of the Alamo River. In 1903, the city of Holtville was born. Construction of the new town was slow in the beginning because of a town policy which only allowed brick construction. That policy was later changed. On June 20, 1908 the city of Holtville was incorporated.

The city of Holtville had a master plan for its downtown district. The city was designed so that businesses faced Holt Park, which formed a town square. Holt Park is the focus for the city of Holtville which boasted large, lush shade trees, and the City Hall building... a two story structure that was built in the center of the Park.

There have been several changes in Holt Park but it still remains the gem of the city. At one time, the Park even had a monkey cage and a fish pond. However, what remains today is a time capsule which is to be opened in the year 2015.

As to many other places, Fire has been a major tragedy to the city of Holtville and, in some ways, has affected all the citizens of Holtville. In the 1960's, the Holtville Unified School District, which consisted of a two story structure, was destroyed by a fire. A theater that once graced Main Street in Holtville was also destroyed by fire in the 1970's. And sadly, a large section of the Holtville Business District was also destroyed by fire in the 1980's.

All in all, Holtville is a wonderful town that has a lot to offer. With its colorful past and bright future, people will continue to call Holtville home. Once you have visited Holtville, it will always be the place you will call your second home.






  1. Finding the perfect little place to spend the winter is the goal. I keep thinking we'll find our perfect little place one day too.

  2. Good write-up on Holtville. I was just looking it up (just before I checked your Blog) to see where it was. Thought I might take a scoot out there tomorrow or the next day on the bike to have a look see.

    Like you, I want the warmest Winter spot and certainly anywhere within the Yuma area fits the bill.

    1. When you're riding in here you gotta follow the main "road" north, look for the white Chevy van with ISLAND TOURS on the side. Looking forward to see you.

  3. One of our favourite area to visit in the winter, hope to see you guys this winter.

  4. Just had some fun looking at the LTVA site, as well as checking out the area on Google Earth. Looks like it could get a little "toasty". Keep that water handy.

    1. "Toasty" it does get from time to time. Actually looking forward to the lower temps of January. But then in February "Winter" is over again. Different world for sure.


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