Friday, November 30, 2012

Got It Sold and Rented

It sure was a busy day. We got started with getting our trailer to the dump station this morning. All went well, even though I must admit that it used to be easier with the motor home, the maneuvering back into our site that is. :-))

The days went on with one of our neighbours coming along looking at the motorhome for sale. He came repeatedly and late in the afternoon I made him an offer he just couldn’t refuse.   There was a condition on my offer. The condition being that we could rent it out to a nice lady from California for two months before he takes possession. That being accepted we got a sale.

It’s a triple win-win situation for everybody.

I wonder whether the temps will come down soon. It is still very hot during the day and we spend most of the time in the cooler shade of the trailer. Had myself a little snooze after lunch – ah.. how good is that.
I’m currently trying to stay away from smoke-filled bonfires as I noticed that my breathing gets worse of it. Still that nasty cold looming in the background I suppose.

Planning a trip to Yuma tomorrow, maybe we’ll find
Toni and Doug some wheres around “Pilot Knob”.
A little note about having Wifi out here. We do have a Verizon MIFI2200 for the time when traveling. However, we have a max. output of 5 Gigs on it. So whenever we are here at the Hot Springs we activate our account with “Beam Speed” and a couple of days later a young man comes out and installs the receiver for their wireless service. Now, it won’t be cheaper than the MIFI 2200 pr. month with that service, but it’s unlimited Gigs. One less thing to worry about.

Now thanks for stopping by and keep your eyes on the road.


  1. Have never heard of "Beam Speed" but I sure like the unlimited data. Will have to check that out ! I got the Verizon 4G Jet Pack this year and get 10GB's for $90.00.

    1. Beamspeed is a local company working between Yuma and El Centro, providing Fast Internet.

  2. WOW! You might consider buying and selling motorhomes for a money making hobby. You've been doing quite a bit of lately. Congratulations on that!

  3. Getting all set up there, with unlimited internet sound like you are in for the long haul now. Enjoy the weather as it begins to cool down.

  4. You are quite the salesman. Are you sure that wasn't what you did in a previous life? Have a great time today in Yuma.

  5. Peter have been trying the link to Toni and Doug's blog with no luck or success. I've even tried on different computers could you reset the link Thanks. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Thanks for pointing that out. I have since redone the link.


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