Monday, November 12, 2012

Blowing Through Pennsylvania and Ohio

It was still warm this morning, even though a cloud cover was hiding the sun for a while. We went straight back onto the highway. The night at the Hotel 8 wasn't bad but if you ask me whether I slept any better than the previous night in the van, the answer is no. For the life of me I can't understand why North American hotel beds have that thin bed cover that makes me freeze just by looking at it. North America has no bedding culture! In the middle of the night I woke freezing. Why not equip beds with thick comforters? Nope we let the guests freeze.
But the shower was great. Great if you come directly from the road, and need that hot water warming you up.

Hotel breakfasts are the same problem as the bedding. What they call "Continental breakfast" in this country is an absolute joke. So we decided to have breakfast in the van. I spearheaded  the making of it and put water to a boil - coffee water that is. Then Bea and Molly arrived outside, so I had to clear out. When I peeked back in, Bea had just poured oats and raisins into my coffee water!!! So I went to fetch a second pot and started it all over again. Since I had planned to make a lot of coffee there was plenty of water and accordingly, there was plenty of porridge after it all was finished. 

I remember a saying about too many cooks are destroying the dish....something to that extent, you help me out here....
Anyone knows what kind of airplane this guy put on his lawn?

Anyway, finally we had sorted it all out and were out on the blacktop, heading west. 
Jamestown,NY. Erie,PA Cleveland and Toledo, OH.....we blew through these states. 
Limited vision for 2 hours

At Cleveland we saw a black wall coming up from the west. It was BRUTUS. He dispensed tons of rain on us. It was so bad that the wipers were doing over time, hardly managing all that water on the windshield. And sure enough, the oncoming lane was blocked by a bad accident. Why people can't adjust their speed to weather conditions is beyond me.

Approaching Toledo, Brutus had passed over us and a lighter sky was ahead of us. Finally the rain ceased completely and even the sun got out again. BUT what had happened to the temperature? It had fallen from about 65F to about 44F. Wow.. and a biting wind made it even more uncomfortable. So now we are parked close to the State Line to Indiana. 
Another 6-7 hrs. will get us to Walcott,IA where we will take possession of our travel trailer.

And the first part of this years journey will be over.

So, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Bedding changes, of course, depending on what hotels you stay at. Some hardly give you a cover and others are thick and fluffy. It'll be exciting to pick up your new travel trailer. No more hotels after that!! Safe travels.

  2. I love that picture of Bea with Molly peeking over the seat. Hang in there you're almost at your new home. Then you can make it yours and relax. An get south!!

  3. "Too many cooks spoil the broth." I had to chuckle at your description of the bedding. I guess it depends on what you are used to and where you stay. First thing I do in a hotel is strip off those heavy comforters, and complain that they are too warm! If you want a nice bed and a great breakfast try a Residence Inn. They're great. Funny story about the coffee water too. You sure will appreciate having your own lodgings when you get the travel trailer.

  4. No home owners, real soon, will be nice to get back to your own house again.

  5. Bea & Molly both look so innocent... What, that was your coffee water? While bedding may differ in various hotels/motels, my favorite is the feather bed type duvet in Europe. Ahhhhh... such comfort!

  6. What? Is nobody going to chime in with the type of aircraft???
    I do believe it's a Lockheed F-94C Starfire. Or that's my best guess. You're welcome to google away.

    Good shot of Bea and Molly.
    I chuckled.

  7. The van sure looks comfy !


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