Saturday, November 24, 2012

Oh So Hot And One Week Gone

Temperatures keep rising out here and having this head-cold it isn’t the most pleasant thing for me. True, we came here for warm weather, but 86F is enough. Last night was a bad one as my coughing made it impossible for both of us to sleep. Bea left the bedroom and crashed on the couch – crouched or balled up. We do have the dinette area to make a pleasant bed though, but one has to lower the table. And that table is the one major problem. First of all it is very heavy, secondly it is almost impossible to lower and completely impossible to raise it up again without having at least another person to help you. With other words a typical product of non-thinking RV-engineers. Besides, a part underneath broke after only 3 days of use.


Company says they are gonna send a new one to us. But I guess the ordeal will just continue. Luckily the table is the only issue we have – for now. Lets just hope it stays that way. For a while we thought the bathroom fan had quit working, but there was a trick we weren’t informed about. You gotta hit the light switch to start the fan.

Odd? you bet it is.

And tomorrow is Sunday  and the first week of our stay here is gone. If time is passing fast at home  - over here it is record breaking. At least that’s the way it feels.

Over the past years we have always enjoyed sitting by a campfire in the evening. However, the access to firewood has gotten extremely difficult. With the decline of the construction industry there are no left-over materials from construction sites anymore. And the Californian desert isn’t exactly known for its beautiful and lush wood stands. If one is lucky one gets a stump of an old tamarisk. which is a stinkin wood to burn. Pallet wood which has been used here for years was already prohibited last year because of all the nails lying around after the fires. Guess some people coming in here over the summer getting flat tires complained to the BLM-office.


I have decided to let Bea have the bedroom tonight as I will be sleeping over the dinette bed.  Just a fair thing to do I think.

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  1. Oh My, Sure hope you get rid of that cold soon so you can start enjoying your Winter get a way.

  2. Here's hoping you get over the cold and fast. It certainly isn't fun to be sick.

  3. A couple more days and your cold should be gone, then the time will fly by even quicker. Enjoy the hotsprings and all your neighbors there.


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