Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Relaxing Day In Camp

What a great way to start a day, when you can just slip in your bath robe, grab a towel and get into a wonderful hot spring for soaking. Sun’s rising up from the horizon, and there’s just no place on earth which is better than this.
It was just 7am when I dipped into the pool this morning. Bea came along as well and we did spend considerable time there, having a chat with a few other people who are in the same habit of taking an early bath.

After such a delightful morning, it is doubly nice to also enjoy a breakfast with freshly brewed coffee under the awning in the nice quiet desert air.
Every year we come to the same conclusion, getting here is worth every driven mile, every tday spent on the road. It would make me sick if I couldn’t be down here.

Of course, after being away for 7 months there were things which needed to be taken care of, so I drove the 8 miles to town and dropped by the post office to pay the fee for our PO Box, next thing up was a visit to the privately run dump station where I prepaid for dumping and water fees for this winter. Pre-paying has the advantage that I can access the dump any time, also when nobody is in the office. With the given code I can open the gate myself even on a Sunday.

We also needed a few groceries, so i continued my way to the grocery store.
Wallymart was full of Christmas music and I must say I don’t appreciate it that early, but I guess they don’t care about my opinion.

I have been looking out for good deals on Solar Panels and landed on a company in Phoenix. We will make an order for 200W panels together with a couple of other guys. It’s just not boondocking without having the quiet access to 120V AC power. Right now our little HONDA EU2000i runs, providing us with AC, and we are glad to have this back-up, but in the long run we don’t want to use it.

I hope my recent remarks re. people who choose life in RV-parks haven’t sparked up any hard feelings. I understand that some people prefer life in an RV-park, but for us it wouldn’t be a way to spend our winters. And of course, there are huge differences between RV-Parks. In some of them you park wall-to wall, have no shade and no greenery, while others offer roomy lots, shade under palm trees and green lawns or even swimming pools for their guests.

Actually, boondocking is something we first learned about in North America. You simply can’t do it over in Europe, as every property is either privately owned or governed through restrictive laws. The only country I know of, where limited free camping is possible is probably Norway, but mostly up in the mountains only. (And it’s COLD there)

We enjoy boondocking as we feel free out here, free from restrictive covenants, from over-curious neighbours……you get the picture.

Hanging out with a coffee and a few home-baked cookies in the afternoon and later sitting around a campfire with friends made our day complete.

There are no pics today, but I like to encourage you to go back a year or two in our blogging list, you might find stuff you haven’t seen yet.

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  1. Nice that you are all settled in . time to just enjoy your winter.

  2. Did I miss something there? You slip just in your bathrobe? No swimsuit at the Hot Springs?

    I'm assuming the bridge is fixed or you wouldn't be there this year. That's good news. There is a lot to be said about boondocking. We like it too!

    1. Oh, sure you need a swim suit, but I expected that everybody would know that. Sometimes my words are flying out too fast, I guess.

    2. hahaha!! We sure do miss not boondocking right now. Wish we were there ....

  3. aww I can feel the peace and quiet in your post....:)


  4. We spent a couple of weeks there last year on the other side of the highway. It was very quiet and peaceful.

  5. Sounds like settling in and ready for your nice relaxing winter. The perfect way to start the day with that morning dip. Looks like once you get the solar your new winter home will be perfect. Have a great Tuesday.

  6. "Every year we come to the same conclusion, getting here is worth every driven mile, every day spent on the road." That describes it perfectly ! I sure feel the same way. Both of us being 'East Coasters' we sure do drive a long ways to get here don't we.

    I added solar last year and it's the best thing I've done !! No more worries about running down my batteries and no more noisy generators ! With the beautiful Arizona sun my batteries are fully charged by early morning.


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