Tuesday, November 13, 2012

After 3 1/2 Days: Walcott, IA

We made it to town. Around 2pm we arrived at Walcott, IA and I can tell you that it would have been plain impossible to miss the location of this RV-dealer, as it is right beside the exit 284 off I-80. And like on the pictures this place is HUGE.

After finding Kevin Frazer, who was the guy in a black suit, he instructed a guy to drive our van with the U-Haul and Bea still waiting in the van right into the big pick-up hall, from where we started to unload the U-Haul and stow everything into the trailer. Parked inside this trailer looked huge, and it isn't really 27ft. but 29. Still, the weight is within the towing limits of our van, Even though the trailer appears to have lots of inside and outside storage we were challenged. Bea was mainly putting things away inside, while I was emptying the U-Haul. 

Right across from Cheyenne Camping Center there is a PILOT TRUCK STOP. We pulled both trailers over there and called it a day. Since no reasonable restaurant was nearby, we both ended up at the MC.Donald right beside our parking lot. We took it "home" to the trailer and ate our meal there.
After finishing our Mc.Donald drink we celebrated with the Champagne Kevin Frazer had given us. 

Nice little gesture to a paying customer isn't it?

And we love our new home on wheels, much shorter than our bus, but lots of room to move about.

We are both very tired, and I barely manage to write this post.
Would love to post the pics, but I'm writing on Bea's Mac and that is simply not my world.

See ya tomorrow.


  1. And you get to sleep in your own bed tonight! Moving from one RV to another is always a challenge and when you're downsizing that makes it even more so. Get some good sleep and post some pictures when you can. I did go look at it on their website.

  2. Take your rest and fill us in tomorrow. It was super of Kevin to get the champagne and celebrate with you. You don't find many salespeople ever thinking of doing that.

  3. I love the champagne "gesture".... hope you get some rest in you new home and get off to a fresh start. Happy Travels!

  4. Looking forward to seeing pics of your new home.

  5. Nice to get moved into your new home, A good nights sleep and you will be ready to hi the road again, enjoy.

  6. Always a nice feeling moving into a new rig for sure. We had a Prowler travel trailer a few years back. That was my first experience at pulling something that large. As with anything new, you will have a bit of a learning curve ahead of you. An enjoyalbel curve though. Safe travels....

  7. excellent....a safe pickup....nice trailer...


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