Saturday, November 10, 2012

And off we went,,,

I had teased her by saying we'd be getting up at 6am, and 6am it was when I woke up. A quick breakfast and the hustle-bustle was on. The last boxes had to be loaded and then water valves and breakers where shut off. That's the way we have left the house year after year and it has just worked out fine.

Before the clock struck 9:00 we were rolling off the island.
Had us a Wallymart and early lunch stop at Ellsworth,ME before we rolled on. We passed along Bangor and enjoyed the almost empty highway. Well, that changed at Portland where all-of-a-sudden a lot more traffic popped up. But it was all doable. Of course we had to go through xxxx toll stations again, but it was somewhat cheaper than with the motor home. Cheaper was also the stay at the gas stations. Instead of the usual 150-200 Dollar  receipts I got something between 50-70 Dollar receipts.  Nice. And instead $4.15/gal w e paid to the tune of $3.60/gal. Even more nice!

The weather was outstanding with a blue sky all the way. We did see the leftovers of a recent snowstorm, but nothing on the road.

We are now parked at another Wallymart just west of Boston. Right beside of it is a Home Depot. I didn't mention that I managed to loose the second van key the other day, did I? Well this key is of the old style - no electronic gadgets hidden in it so I figured Home Depot would be able to make me a spare. When I had found the "Key Man" I couldn't but overhear a conversation with a young spanish looking lady. The key man, a black guy, was explaining the difference between an original key and a spare - in plain english. The face of the young lady remained blank, so all-of-a-sudden this guy fired of the same explanation in Spanish. When it was my turn I commented on his excellent knowledge of Spanish but I hadn't understood a word. So he's asking me where I am from and I tell him Germany. 

Shouldn't have done.

Now he started talking German to me. And not only did he speak the language, but he also knew German history, at least he rambled on about the old German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. Us, we have to read abut things like this, but this guy knew just about every letter Bismarck has ever written to the German "Der Kaiser".

He made me speechless, and we parted as friends.

The key was $2.35.

I hope we will have a good night out here, and thank you for coming by. I don't put up any pics today as I am tired.


  1. And, what is that fellow doing at Home Depot? Glad you're finally on the road, things are good and much cheaper! I bet you both feel real good!!

  2. Sounds like you got that gentleman all Keyed Up. (LOL). Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. YIPPEEE !! You're on the road ! Betcha it feels good huh !!

  4. safe travels to you both!..enjoy the view out the windshield!

  5. Ah, the "key man". Just a little lesson in not judging a book by its cover.
    Safe travels.

  6. On the road and heading south and west, always meeting interesting people along the way too. Have too much fun.

  7. Safe travels, it must be great to finally be on the road again.


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