Sunday, November 13, 2022

Walking Along Trails Of The Past

 It was in the early spring of 2006, that we had traveled from California to southern Texas. The plan contained some beach camping on Padre Island, most places you can only stay for a limited number of days.

Being on the look-out for a longer term campground we drove along the coast line from Corpus Christie eastwards. That was how we discovered the tiny RV-Park of "Beacon 7" in the village of Seadrift. At the time they had just space for 5 or 7 rigs.

For $200/month we stayed around during February and parts of March.

We did daily walks with our two dogs Molly and Boomer along the seaside. It was very, very peaceful. Some days we drove off on day trips, one being the Aransas Wildlife Refuge, others led us into small villages in this rather flat coastal area. It was in Seadrift, that Bea had her first encounter with a giant Tarantula. Nothing bad happened, but Bea came home and was scared just by the sight of it. Bea also frequented the local library.

So with all those memories, we took the short drive from Magnolia Beach to Seadrift today. Of course, we were curious whether we would see major changes in the village.

Well, there were a few, and between others we saw that the village had grown bigger, while retaining its original charm of rural peacefulness. The waterfront had gotten a few newer buildings, but they were kept in style with the older homes. A few were for sale. The "Beacon 7" RV-Park has grown too, offering space for many more rigs. However the front lot we had been in, back in 2006 was still the same, and also the tiny shower house where we had seen lizards crawling around inside was still the same. 

Today, we relived the walks from 16 years ago and it was fun. If you want to consider to try it out, they do have a dog policy.

After the recent storm passed, the weather still hasn't been great. Very little sun and rather on the cool side. We won't stay around many days here.

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