Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Laundry Tuesday

 It was sunny Tuesday with very little wind and clear blue skies and for us a day to go to town for a number of purposes. 

There was the need to pay a visit to a laundromat, but we also needed a refill of propane, groceries and 40gal of water for the trailer.

As an RVer you have a  choice of taking your RV to town or get everything home with your tow vehicle. We hardly ever move our RV out of camp. A propane tank can be moved by placing it into a milk crate, which keeps it from tumbling over, and for hauling of water we use a collapsible rubber bladder placed on top of our vehicle roof. Since 40 gal of water is quite a bit of weight, the bladder does not need to be secured with straps.

From the height of the van roof water can be filled into the trailer without having to use a pump

The next laundromat is in El Centro and we have used it over many winters when staying in camp at the Hot Springs.

Since 2021 we are frequenting a German ALDI market for groceries. 

And propane can be filled at the ACE Hardware stores either in Holtville or El Centro. Sadly, it appears that propane has also had a hefty jump in price, at least in California. 

Of course, a trip to town always takes hours before we are back at the trailer, so we always have Dixie with us as it can get quite hot inside.

We had set up a cloth line for drying our laundry. Why pay for something we can get done with the help of old sun?

A couple of new rigs have pulled in today, some of which we recognize from last year. We expect many more campers coming in until New Years, after which it usually stays steady for a while until people start to leave again from the beginning of March.

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