Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Continuing Project

Customs called at a quarter past nine. The truck with my ordered materials had arrived, so I had to get myself down to the border to pay the dues which were quickly calculated to $5.25. Oh well…I can live with that.
Just the free delivery to our home is worth that.
While I got busy someone else took a second nap…

So no excuse to remain on the couch for me today. No Sir, I started right away by cutting the cross members for the wall.
Next was the extra insulation, which I had to haul up from the basement. Vapor barrier and then the dry-walling, which I really hate. Cutting and working drywall is one heck of a messy job.  But by 4pm everything was done. But I still had to get all the tools back in to my shop. Here are the stages of progress:


And here are some pics I took yesterday. Herring Cove – dream-beach on Campobello.


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