Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Oh Man…Another Day Of Driving

I thought that I had my driving fix for a while, but today it was back to business. And it led me to St.John where this time 3 (three) cruise ships were spewing out thousands and thousands of passengers.
1-20161005_0827341-20161005_0828211-20161005_082933Arriving in the city at around 10am sidewalks were already packed. My ship today was the Norwegian Dawn, and it sure dawned on me that I was gonna spend the day driving. They had set up quite an odyssey for my group. First stop was The Reversing Falls, which, at low tide, are a real show.
Next we went back into the core of the city where I dropped my folks off at Market Square. 35 minutes later, everyone was back and we took a one-hour drive out to the beach of St.Martins.
It’s a cute little fishing village where the soil and the coastal rocks are red.
There are caves under the rocky cliffs, but it has to be low tide for walking over to them.
1-20161005_110915For the first time I drove through a covered bridge. A seafood restaurant is around the next bend and somehow they manage to feed up to 200 people at the same time.
While we spend 75 minutes there, buses arrived in a steady stream. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around how such a place could be flooded with that many people.
Anyhow, we went back to the city and did a 2. visit at The Reversing Falls.
This time the water was rushing into the river. The falls had reversed, indeed.
Our trip came to an end at 4:30pm and of course I had to drive 2.5hrs home to Campobello. At Calais I stopped at Wally World to by some stuff. When I took off again there I noticed a strange vibration in the van. It seemed to come from the right front wheel. I stopped to have a look, but couldn’t find anything wrong. I continued driving,and there it was again.  I think it could be a wheel bearing in trouble. I phoned Bea and asked her to meet me at the repair shop in Lubec, where I left the van until tomorrow. Hopefully, it is nothing expensive.

And now I am dead tired again. Ready to take a long sleep.


  1. Good luck with your repair, try and rest up again...

  2. There are just too many people on those huge cruise ships! I can't imagine lining up to get on and get off. I'd wonder where the day went after that. However, we love the smaller ones.


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