Thursday, October 20, 2016

Super Tide On A Late Summer Day

We have reached the middle of October. It’s been snowing in the west causing lots of traffic accidents. At the same time the east coast is experiencing record high day temps, reaching 21C (70F) yesterday.

Can you stay indoors when the weather is THAT nice on a day in October? I can’t! When Bea was back from work and I had done my chores, like doing the breakfast dishes and…OH mudding my drywall, I HAD to get outside. So I suggested an excursion into the park. See, fall colours are nice and this temperature wouldn’t last. So after loading both Bea and Molly up we were heading out. Went to “Cranberry Point” and got a surprise.
1-DSC_0207 1-DSC_0261
                      Left: High tide and right 40 Minutes later
1-DSC_0191 1-DSC_0263
On any normal day you can walk along the beach there. Not so yesterday. We had a super tide, which means the tide reaches 30ft. With that, the waves were just splashing over the lower two steps of the wooden staircase. Not a single inch of the beach visible.
1-DSC_0189Roses were still blooming, and Bea had to take a good sniff of it.
1-DSC_0211So we walked down the gravel road which kinda runs in a loop returning to starting point.
1-DSC_02321-DSC_0244But about a bit down that road a small, almost invisible trail runs down to the water’s edge. A bench invites to sit down and enjoy the look-out across a few small islands. So nice, so quiet, just the lapping of the water over the rocks. I was just sorry I hadn’t put on my shorts and a T-shirt, so I enjoyed to get into the shade of the forest on our continuing walk.
Molly was following us, sniffing here and there and obviously enjoying the whole thing.
1-DSC_0282She is such a darling. But then we noticed she was getting thirsty…and so was I. So we returned home and had ourselves a good portion of Banana-Split ice cream.

Those golden days are gonna stand in our memory when we, in a couple of month, look outside and the snow is flying sideways. It’s a bit hard to imagine right now, but it will happen.


  1. That's a very high tide! And a very beautiful place to live!

  2. Nice that you got to enjoy that wonderful fall weaather

  3. Because of the gravitational pull of the full moon. We had full moon on Saturday and a supermoon to boot. That means the moon was as its closest point to the earth.


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