Monday, October 24, 2016

Long Johns Day

Today we are “celebrating” Long Johns Day”. It’s the day when my Long Johns re-emerge from the lower drawer to start a new circle of life through an ever cooling period of late fall and winter. It’s not that we got snow on the ground, but we got some pretty stiff cold winds coming off the water.  Just opening our entry door to let out Molly was enough to make me hurry upstairs looking for warmer clothing.
Our wood burning stove has had early bouts of spreading warmth throughout the house, but so far they were limited to a few morning hours. Not anymore! Got to keep that thing going all day long. Our living room had cooled off overnight to a bizarre 13C (55F) and it took a while until I started to feel the temperature rise.

The weekend has been marked with a lot of wind and a bit of rain, but that can be expected when Christmas is only 2 months away. (Shudder)

A few weeks back I mentioned that our sightseeing van was producing some vibrations when driving at certain speeds. The shop had replaced 2 U-joints but the vibrations were still there. The method of replacing stuff without knowing what’s really going on is not a good one. I have been studying the case on the Internet and some smarter guys than me have pointed out the Torque Converter as a possible culprit. The symptoms could very well point into that direction but we have to get a few tests done to be sure, before more money is spend on costly replacements.


  1. We hope not to need long johns if all goes well for us.
    Hope you get that vibration issued resolve without too much expense.

  2. Maybe that's like 'Lined Pants Day' around here.

  3. Hopefully we won't have to have a Long Johns Day this winter. A light sweater is okay but certainly don't want to be so cold we need to get Long Johns!

  4. Weather is definitely getting colder! Can't believe it's almost November!


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