Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Settling Back Into Home Routine

Wow, I am living a normal life again. No more personal record-breaking-long-distance driving. Starting out with a nice breakfast, walking with Molly, did some computing and a few outside chores (like emptying the van for stuff…) Today I found mercy for the bag of apples which has been laying around.
1-DSC_0058The best I kept for eating the rest was made into apple sauce. I love apple sauce. Mix it with Yoghurt and you have a delicious desert. 
1-DSC_0028 1-DSC_0031

I also took a photo for marketing our tours.

Our van in front of the Roosevelt Cottage. Had to do it after the sun was shining onto the building.
1-DSC_0027                                     Fall colours in the park
Do I miss driving down the highway? Not one bit – not for a long while.


  1. I think you got your driving fix for a while . nice fall colours.

  2. There are times it is nice to be home. Still I get itchy pretty quick for a road trip:)


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