Saturday, October 1, 2016

Cleveland, OH

This is yesterday’s posting when I couldn’t get online.
oday I had to realize that my age starts to play a little role. Thought I could go on like for ever, but starting the road trip at 4am and keep running for 12 hours is just not advisable. The short breaks I took with even a little nap midways could not hold back my tiredness. And going 60mph down the highway while starting to nap off is even worse. So I pulled off the I-80 heading north to the busy city of Sandusky,OH where GPS Girl Gertie told me was a Wally World and plenty eating places. Sandusky is kind of a suburb of the bigger city of Cleveland. It’s still daylight now, but I just can’t go on. Google maps says it is 1700km home, which would make it 850/day or roughly 500 miles. That is doable and I will be back before October 3 as I have a scheduled job to do on that day. Bea called in and told me about another of these Cruise Ship jobs coming up on October 5. Well, I will not forget how to drive until then. 

Let’s see whether I can get a shut-eye now. 

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  1. Rest up and relax, no sense over doing it on the road is not worth it.
    Safe travels..


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