Thursday, October 27, 2016

Aw Shucks..Almost November

Days are getting colder and the weather forecast is containing more and more of that dreaded news that winter is just lurking outside our door.
Not the kind of news I appreciate, but I guess we have to make the best of it. After all we had a pretty amazing fall season. There are still trees with green leaves, but recent strong winds have taken down a lot of the yellow leaves.
1-DSC_0287 1-DSC_0713
maple in May                              …..and in July
1-DSC_0273 1-DSC_0296
…1 week ago                                   …….and now
Meanwhile, I have kept busy with my upstairs renovation project which has gone into the finishing phase. Some firewood chopping for next winter is an ongoing occupation for me and and I have taken on food preparation on a daily basis. I love whipping up supper.
1-20161015_191514   Above: Pork Roast in butter dough
1-20161017_141307I also picked pears, cooked them and made dessert of it in jars.
1-DSC_0294While I was carrying in wood from our woodpile I noticed some delicious looking small apples all around. Yes, one apple tree is right in the middle of all the wood stacks. So I tried one of them and it was just great. So quickly I filled up a basket of it. Aren’t they looking great?

Another upcoming project will be to make another inner frame (we have 3 from last year) for one of our old historic windows. The frame is made to fit right into the wall opening. It has a foam gasket all around and shrink-plastic is stretched over it. Makes a hell of a difference for the inside room temperature.
Oh, and then I was called to a neighbour and friend to cut some firewood and put a deadbolt into his front door.  Told ya I was busy.

Campobello Sunsets are still spectacular and I can’t but marvel about those colours. I find that a sunset is getting more scenic if clouds are around.  So beautiful and just outside our living room window.
Next week we are going to the birds. Well, actually one bird is gonna come to us. We have been asked to do “bird-sitting” for a neighbouring family. The one coming to us is a parrot, and the others we have to care for are chickens. I am looking forward to the parrot-sitting. When I was a boy I had butchies. They are soo entertaining. And maybe we get to pick some chicken eggs….

Had myself a drive to the hardware store in Lubec the other day and here is a part of “The Easternmost Town Of The U.S.”
1-20161025_114623    This is “Small Town USA” as you won’t find it anywhere else.
1-20161025_114433 And right across from Lubec --- Campobello with Mulholland Light


  1. No winter down here. 100 degrees today. Breaking all kinds of records. You have definitely been keeping busy which keeps you out of trouble. Lol

  2. Nice that you have lots to do for the cold winter months.


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