Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sturbridge MA Walmart Closed. Police Watches Entrance

Again a posting from last night:
arrived at this Walmart and was surprised to find it closed with a police vehicle guarding the entrance. Apparently a Walmart employee had set fire to the place. It seems that the police got the perpetrator though.
1-20161001_191902                         Closed Walmart at Sturbridge, MA
I am about 8-9hrs from home and this is gonna be the last night spent in the van. Weather was everything between light sunshine and pouring rain, but I was in great shape today and didn’t even get tired.
Of course, traffic is/was terrible, especially through Hartford CT. Followed I-80 and later I-84.


  1. Holy Mackerel, I spent a night there as well. Tis an angry world out there. Drive safe, you're almost home.

  2. Nice that you are almost home again , then back to work and maybe relax a bit too.
    Travel safe.


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