Friday, October 28, 2016

A Terrible Storm Hit Us Today

I heard the wind blowing even before I got out of bed this morning, but yet I had no idea what was about to come. Winds increased over the morning hours and reached full storm by mid-afternoon/early evening. At the same time the wind was driving the rain across and neither Molly nor I were Happy Campers when we had to go outside. This was gonna be an inside-the-house-day. It didn’t take long until I became bored. I had already checked my email umpteen times, read all the Oh-so-funny Facebook posts and had even made it down the blog list when I ventured into the kitchen. Bea had talked about having cherries in the fridge and it was a awfully long time ago we’d had a Black Forest Cake. So pretty soon I was measuring eggs, flour, cocoa and sugar into the mixer. 49 minutes later that cake was all done. After adding whipped cream, cherries and chocolate flakes on top I could hardly contain myself from cutting off a good size slice.
1-DSC_0305DANG…that cake could become my favorite.  Just delicious.

All the while the wind was howling around the house and something banged against the wall. I think the storm tried to move our bench around. Our garbage container toppled and my tarp cover over the firewood was ripped straight off the wall hook and all following.

The storm was coming out of the east and that triggered my curiosity to drive over to Herring Cove Beach, where the surf would be tremendous. So I grabbed my smart phone and off I went. I was not disappointed.
With a partially open side window towards the beach side I managed to snap a few pics and a short video. The noise…, simply amazing.
Video here.
The pictures are a bit blurry, as rain was pelting down on the car. But what a show of massive natural power. Amazingly, we had no power outage so far.


  1. Hate the storms but must admit watching the waves can be fun.

  2. Those storms can be pretty violent, even on the great lakes. Such amazing force.

  3. This is perfect weather to make a huge pot of tea and curl up with a mystery. I am reading the old classic, "A Kiss before Dying" by Ira Levin. It would be better if the wind would start howling. I love your photos and esp. the video.

  4. BTW: that cake is making my mouth water!

  5. I have never seen an ocean storm and by the looks of your video those big storms make our Great Lakes storms look like little puddle jumpers.


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