Thursday, November 4, 2021

Looks Like We Are Getting Colder Nights

 What I really hate with winter is snow removal and ice-scraping. Snow we haven't gotten yet, but I discovered a frozen over windshield on my van this morning. Had to start hunting down my ice scraper in the back of the garage. .

Nope, not my favorite thing to do.

And tonight it could get worse. Last night's zero celsius will be trumped to -1 or even -2C. That means more ice scraping to expect. Our evening sky is crystall clear and if we want to venture outside, Long-Johns should be worn. It has always been painful to get used to winter temps and my advanced age makes it even harder. And I guess that's the reason why so many seniors will be heading south again this winter. According to reports, some snowbirds have flooded the campgrounds close to the US-border just waiting to start their race minutes after midnight of November 8.  I've no desire to be among them. Our border is just 5km from our home and there will be no rush hour on the 8th. We even read about some people so eager to get to their southern destination that they got their RV shipped to Buffalo,NY while they are taking a helicopter ride themselves BEFORE November 8. Money seems to be of concern to them.

                                  Waiting for departure

Yup, we all have different priorities.

Today, we had a great walk with Dixie along a coastal cliff trail. For Dixie it was the ultimate thing to do. Beaches are boring she says, but trees and forest grounds are full of secrets which need to be explored.

For us it was all about the views. Even after 12 years on the island I still are in awe about the beautiful views. But what am I talking? You could come here next summer and see for yourself.


  1. Beautiful island and happy trails to you all.

  2. I would not be joining the masses on the 8th. Give it a couple of days to calm down. Hopefully the weather will hold for you to get south with no problems.


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