Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Day7: We Never Thought To Make It To Roswell, NM

By golly, it's a week ago that we started this road trip and so many adventures we have had.

After yesterday's strong winds, we made it off of the Walmart very early. 

Below: Alternative energy production in Oklahoma

Cotton Rolls and (below) where they come from
Sunrise was at 7:25am and we started driving at 6:45am. It was still dark, but daylight came shortly after. Wind forecasts predicted strong winds to pick up after 9am, and here is the thing: South winds had kept the night temps at around 15C (59F) increasing wind would flip to north after 9am and bring icy air masses into the area. Going along I-40 would mean dangerous crosswinds beyond Amarillo.

                          Above:  Laughing out loud

So we decided on an escape route from Amarillo via US-60 and US-70 towards Roswell,NM. 

What Really Happened at Roswell? - HISTORY

This entire stretch runs in south-westerly direction above 4000ft over sea level. US-70 has very little traffic and runs as a 4-lane highway in excellent condition mostly straight ahead. Curves are the exemption and shown ahead with warning signs!!!  And the best of it all was that we could sail along with a tailwind. This was the first time we had a tailwind since we left home. This was fun!

Looking to the horizon, a yellowish haze marked the ongoing dust storm out west.

US 60 from Amarillo to Clovis runs through a number of cattle towns and thus has more traffic, but still not bad. Amazing to see are the mile-long freight trains running along the same stretch of road. Some are equipped with 5 or more locomotives!

I must mention Dixie here as being the extremely patient and very content dog, riding along with us behind the front seats and enduring many bumps and jumps from the road. She never complains, even though this is completely out of her league. 

Dixie has been living a very happy country-style life ever since she came to us from Arkansas. Now we had brought her through her birth State Oklahoma from where she was brought as a new-born puppy to the dog rescue in Arkansas. I often wonder where her 6 siblings are living. Would she recognize them???

Sooo, for tomorrow we are planning to move into Arizona, maybe to find a camp in the Tucson area in a BLM-area (Bureau of Land Management) The last day will bring us over to Holtville, CA which will mark the end of our journey and the beginning of a several months long recreation in the warm sun.

Follow along with the events of the last days over the trip.

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