Thursday, November 25, 2021

Canadians Honouring American Thanksgiving


Yes, it is Thanksgiving in America and of course, we wish all our American friends a Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully you will be healthy also 2 weeks after your family gathering.

Out here, in the desert, we were invited to join a Thanksgiving Dinner between old and new friends. Naturally, we don't gather in a room, but stay outside. Everyone brought their own plates and cutlery and so we all stayed safe. The turkey was prepared in a big pot over the open fire. As we could witness, it was filled with lots and lots of stuffing. (we got stuffed too) A rich variety of vegetables was available and the dessert table offered yummy stuff as well. This was our first get-together in the desert after we arrived here.

Remember the Grinch stealing Christmas?


 Soo funny: men doing the turkey while the girls doing the veggies.
Great Canadian Party for Thanksgiving

Some known faces from years prior, others new to us. Dixie had to stay at home for a coupla hours, and because the day temps were just 23C (73.4F) today, despite full sunshine, it didn't get hot in the trailer, Windows were open too and she was sleeping after a previous walk. And we did bring her some left-overs.

So lots of nice people here again and now we can start pulling out some Christmas decorations.

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  1. That looks like some serious chefs working on the turkey. Like the green wind screen.


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