Saturday, November 6, 2021

Chilly But Still Very Sunny

And so one day goes after the other, but today adventure was knocking on the door. I was just coming from a morning walk with Dixie when I saw flashing yellow lights down our street. And it proved to right in front of our property. There was a huge red semi truck, and then I saw a tractor with a front loader behind it. What the heck......?

As I got closer I saw the huge 40ft long shipping container they had hauled out from the lot opposite our property. The thing had been a huge nuissance ever since the neighbour had put it there. And then later he had moved away to another province leaving the container behind. We already contemplated what to do with it. Should we paint it green or plant some shrubs in front it?

Now it seemed that all our worries were over and we would again be able to look across that property and see the blue waters of the bay.

They had already pulled it out on the pavement and were now bringing the semi into position for loading. And that was quite a smart operation as the semi trailer could be tilted to the ground. A winch was then pulling the steel box onto the trailer. Finally the trailer wheels were moving backwards under the loading deck and off it went down the road.

I hope I'll never see it again.

A couple of hours later I drove to the Roosevelt Park to meet the last tourists of the season. They had come from Virginia to explore Campobello Island. While I thought I had the last tour by the end of October, this one was definitely the last tour. Well, we had the bluest of all skies and it was nothing short of gorgeous. Based on my recommendation, the couple had booked an overnight stay at the "Island Chalet" Cabins, which offer a kitchen and a comfortable living area plus bedrooms, not to mention the "million-dollar-view" from the property. Tomorrow they want to go hiking, and the weather is gonna be just as great as it was today.

After 3 hours of guiding these folks across the island I am reasonably tired, but here's the good news: Tonight we are all getting another hours of sleep. Fits me well.

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  1. Nice that you got your view of the water back again...hope they did'nt damage the road too much loading that eyesore.


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