Monday, November 15, 2021

Day 5: From Snow And Cold To 19C and Summer In 24 Hours

Today's driving stretch was from Terre Haute via St.Louis towards Tulsa,OK. 

We left camp shortly after 8am and found excellent driving conditions on the I-70 west. From St.Louis I-44 would take us towards Tulsa.

But the interchange from the I-70 to the I-44 is in the center of St.Louis and we didn't want to go downtown St.Louis. 

Bridge over the Mississippi

Traffic had been light so far so we figured that I-255 leading around St.Louis on the south side would give us better progress. So that's what we did. However, getting south of the city we also noticed much more traffic again, though it wasn't excessive.

Obviously, Missouri takes better care of the roads than both Indiana and Pennsylvania, at least we had a smooth ride almost all the time. But the best today was the improvement of the weather. 

We drove in sunshine and yes, the temps rose to 19C (65.2F) It felt like summer. People were running around in shorts and T-shirts.

We figured out another Walmart Camping at Marshfield, MO. Called ahead and got a friendly YES. 

We parked along a grassy area and since it was so warm we led Dixie around on the grass. As soon as she was outside, she threw herself down into the soft grass and rolled and rolled "popping" her legs in the air. It was so funny that I laughed out loud, until a car stopped by, window rolled down and a woman shouting her appreciation of the scene at us. We waved at each other and then she drove off.

Of course I went shopping in the store and came back with a cartload of goodies. You like "Gummi bears?" Me too! We were out of bread and I brought 3 breads and a bag of rolls. Looking forward to Breakfast tomorrow morning!

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  1. Love gummi bears. Dixie is quite content and smooth uncluttered roads ahead.


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