Tuesday, December 25, 2018

It’s Christmas Day

Yeah..and it is very, very cold on Campobello Island. The mercury is lingering around –12C but if I step outside I fall victim to a sharp north-westerly wind biting my skin, bringing the wind chill down to –18C..

Dixie’s walk was shortened a bit today and I am sure I was looking like a polar explorer.

It took some hot coffee to get back to a more normal body temperature. Dixie has just “passed out” on her bed.

Hanging out on the sofa I was perusing the news. Getting to NBC-NEWS opened up for a surprise. Whoever is responsible for putting their content onto their news page might have had one or two toddies too many yesterday evening. It appears that NBC NEWS is already celebrating the 2108 coming to an end. I would not mind if they would bring a prediction of 2019 being the year of Trump’s impeachment, but being almost 100 years ahead might seem a tad too ambitious.

Photos Festive Christmas lights sparkle around the world - Opera 2018-12-25 101516 AMPhotos Festive Christmas lights sparkle around the world - Opera 2018-12-026

Well, we’ll see whether somebody is awake there to make the correction, otherwise Trump comes along bellowing FAKE NEWS!

Enjoy the Holidays!


  1. Now that is cold and in 2108 sounds ahead of its time a bit, lol.

    1. Sent a message to NBC and they wrote back and fixed the mistake.

  2. I don't think I'll make it to 2108.


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