Monday, December 24, 2018

The Christmas Posting

We finally made it again. It is December 24 – Christmas Eve and the most important day in European Christmas Celebrations. This is the day I always was looking forward to as a child. I STILL AM! The mornings were always busy with the last-minute preparations, but it all calmed down a lot around coffee time, which usually was around 3pm.Christmas presents would be exchanged at 5pm and then Mother would start getting dinner ready. It’s all long ago now, but we still live those traditions.


After the recent warm-up in the weather it has turned pretty cold again. The large puddles have frozen and the ground is hard again. Sun is out, making this a pleasant day. Did the usual morning walk with Dixie, then settling in the couch, sending emails around the globe.

Our Christmas dinner, kale, smoked pork chops and glazed small potatoes is already pre-cooked and won’t take much time to get on the table. We will enjoy it with Norwegian Linie Aquavit and a nice Belgian beer. That is the traditional dish from the northern part of Germany.

And here is Bea’s take on things around the house:

In finishing this posting we wish all of our readers a


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  1. Merry Christmas to you and Bea and healthy Happy New year.
    George and Suzie.


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