Sunday, September 25, 2016

Oh Canada! You Gotta Love Those Empty Highways

Started out bright and early from Moorhead. After one mile I crossed into North Dakota.

From there on I really was out on the prairies. No more trees but plenty of agriculture spread out endlessly on both sides of the highway.
After running into some dark clouds it started to rain for a while. Then it stayed cloudy until I almost reached Minot,ND. Crossing into Canada at Portal was a breeze and by now there was not a cloud in the sky. Another 5 hours of driving brought me up to Saskatoon where I am visiting with an old friend of ours.
1-Fullscreen capture 9242016 93043 PM
Again I did 11hrs. of driving and 675miles again. Tomorrow will just be a walk in the park since it is only 6 more hours to Edmonton,AB. 


  1. Oh yes the quiet peaceful highways and relaxing country drives. Glad all is going well, soon you will be on the road back east again. Enjoy the visit with your friend.

  2. I am so tired just thinking about your journey. Have a good relaxing few moments with your friend.


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