Monday, September 26, 2016

Back In The Big City

The traffic was haunting. It was extremely slow going when I rolled on Hwy 16 into the city. This place is choking on its own traffic. Because of the economic slow-down I might have expected less traffic, but the city was bustling of life. Good so…for the people trying to live here. Not so good for me as I was stuck in traffic. I had left Saskatoon around 10:30am and the driving time is around 5 hrs. – without the big traffic volume. And if that wasn’t enough slowing traffic I managed to arrive at a railroad crossing just when one of the megalomaniac long goods trains was slowly going across the street. I waited unbelievably 30 minutes for the train to pass.
But finally even this obstacle was behind me.

My van was in need of a thorough cleaning inside and out, but now it’s presentable again.
1-20160926_193621However the battery would not take any charge anymore so I drove to Walmart and got a new one. I am not willing to deal with a no-start on a cool morning while going home. Don’t need that hassle.

Finally I called the young man who owns the Ford Focus, and he came and picked up his car. Man, was this guy happy. He had just saved $1500 Bucks for a hired car transport!. I like to help people with things and his happy face was a good reward for me.
Tomorrow I have an appointment with the “Windshield Surgeon” who is gonna replace my broken windshield. And now it’s time to go to bed.
For the night I have the use of a Class C motor home.


  1. Nice that you finally got there and have you van, soon you be heading right back again, Travel safe.


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