Friday, September 2, 2016

From Fairbanks,AK To Campobello,NB

They are holding the record for the longest travel to Campobello this summer.
The Ellis’s arrived yesterday from Fairbanks,AK to do a tour of Campobello Island. They told us they to do a trip twice a year and have lived in Alaska for 20 years. Even though Mr. Ellis is from Tennessee originally, he loves mountains and snow and it seems that his wife is sharing his preference for a cool climate. The Ellis’s have been to Maine before but had never done the trip to Campobello Island. The tour was blessed with wonderful weather and they enjoyed every minute of their stay on Roosevelt’s “beloved island”.
We are wishing them a great time when they continue their trip through Maine.


  1. Wow nice to have such far away visitors, glad the weather cooperated.

  2. Alaska to Campobello is certainly a long distance. I'm sure they've seen a lot on that trip! Glad they had a good time on your island.

  3. Nice for you to meet to many different people. Glad you are having a good summer.


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