Monday, September 12, 2016

A Grand Day For Campobello And A Repair Project

Just up from the old Welshpool Wharf
stands an old historic building.
1-20160907_131040It has served many years as a legion building and later as a bar. Empty and unused it has seen many years of neglect until a group of volunteers and enthusiasts took over, secured funding and started the renovation process towards a multi-purpose community hall. The work has been going on since this spring and is not quite completed yet.
1-20160907_130114 1-20160907_130420
However, on September 7 a re-dedication ceremony took place, first down at the wharf where a new floating dock had been put into place, then inside the hall.
1-20160907_132253Representatives of the Federal and Provincial Governments had arrived to give their speeches and congratulate the volunteer organization and the people of Campobello to this accomplishment. So I finally got to meet the new minister of Tourism, Culture and Heritage and our MP Karen Ludwig.

A couple of days earlier a neighbour had called me and asked for help with quite a delicate project on her house.
1-20160908_095806While painting the outside she had noticed soft spots on the wood and digging into the wood noticed that much of the house corner had rotted out. When I took a closer look, it turned out that the corner stud plus sub-siding had rotted. In fact it was so rotten that I could pull it out with my bare hands.
After ordering a list of needed new materials I started working on it. 2 days later all rotten wood had been replaced with new lumber and today the new parts got painted again.
In between, I had clients for island tours and even though we are now in mid-September the weather cooperated all the time. This summer has truly been one of the best we ever had.


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