Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Very Efficient Day And Off I Went Again

After 12 hrs. of sleep in that Class C I came to myself again and I knew I needed a coffee. So I quickly drove over to the next Mc D and ordered a blueberry muffin to go with it. Then it was time to continue the drive over to the glass place where I waited the better part of 2 hours until my windshield was done up. And I love to look through it without all the cracks and little damages the old one had. I paid $245 including a pair of new wipers and that is a STEAL in Canada where other companies charge you up to $400 for the same item. From there I drove over to the next CAA-office. I needed a new sticker on my license plate. When I presented my insurance card from New Brunswick it raised eyebrows to begin with. But the card was issued by the CAA Ontario so after some discussions it was accepted. usually it needs to be issued by an Alberta Company but mine said “INTERPROVINCIAL” and that made all the difference. I paid 65 Dollars for the registration for 1 year and went out the door. I was all done in Edmonton now and ready to return to Saskatoon.
While the weather was overcast in Alberta, I was met with clear skies and sunshine over Saskatchewan. In Lloydminster I had myself a slice of pizza from a 7-Eleven and reached the city shortly before 6pm. My friend was already waiting for me and dinner was ready.

All in all it was a great day with all errands done very efficiently.
Tomorrow I will be crossing the border and visit friends we met years ago in Holtville,CA.

Until then thanks for dropping by.


  1. Enjoy your tour and visiting friends.
    Travel safe.

    1. Will do. Wish I had more time but a job is coming up.


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