Friday, September 23, 2016

Chaos in South Bend, IN

I have never been and will never be a friend of sports games, especially not football. The more I am annoyed when I get into a town (like South Bend) where I intend to get into the known to me Motel 6 and are presented with more than doubled room rates. Another, brand new Motel 6 down the street had the audacity to ask for 242 Bucks for one person. This is not for the whole weekend but one night! The reason for such outrageous price increase is that a football game is gonna happen. And wouldn’t you know it I got right behind a police escorting numerous black buses ending up at a huge fancy looking building downtown. (the arena?) After much looking and more driving I found a place (it’s a dump really) in Mishawaka a  few miles east of South Bend, where I got a room for 65 Bucks. But neither the WiFi nor the TV is working. So I had to run across the street to a Mac D. where I found super-fast internet. I am grueling to go back into “my” room!
South Bend
I have now done 2000clicks in 2 days and tomorrow I am ending up where the prairies used to be the grazing grounds for millions of buffalos: North Dakota.


  1. At least you found an almost affordable room for the night. Even in Quartzsite in January the motel room rates are doubled as a friend found out last winter.

  2. $242 for a Motel 6 is ridiculous. We've found some franchised motels/hotels need to lose their franchises.


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