Saturday, September 24, 2016

I Clocked in At 784 Miles Today

Luckily, I had brought a sleeping bag and my own pillow, so didn’t had to try out the bed sheets. I wonder whether the Mishawaka Inn employs ANY housekeeping personal. If so they sure as hell never entered the room I was occupying last night. Besides of numerous of non-working technical equipment, and this is what really bothered me, I had to start some cleaning on my own, which is the reason why I did not use the bed sheets, nor did I use the shower, nor the sink. Well, I spare you the gory details, but at 5am local time it was time for me to call it a night. For half of it I had been listening to some Spanish screaming from the dirty stinking hallways. Brrr… It could follow me as a nightmare for the rest of my life.

I made it 2 hours through the early morning darkness and by the time first light filtered through the cloud cover I was happily underway west on I-80. Even during these early morning hours the Chicago traffic had spilled out all over the highway. Now, I NEVER go through the Windy City but stick to the Rockford detour, which is quite a few miles longer but well worth it to save the aggravation of dealing with Chicago’s half sleepy but yet so wildly driving morning commuters within the city. I did the well-known turn onto I-35 to Rockford and after passing into Wisconsin I paid my last road toll. (Finally) Old sol did not peek out at all today, but a few light rain showers had me exploring the intricate workings of the wiper switch. The 2014 Ford Focus is high-tech and me I have never driven anything like it. It pings and rings and does things which makes me looking frantically for the reason. I still haven’t quite figured out the remote door locking/unlocking. But I always make damn sure I have the key with me when leaving the car. I have heard of cars which can lock themselves as if to say “I told you you shouldn’t leave the key inside”,

When I got to the Twin Cities the Garmin Girl Gertie told me to take I-694 North around the cities. It worked quite well and Gertie and I did not get into any major congestion. Driving the north-western part of Minnesota can be boring. So I turned on the radio and when the program wasn’t after my liking I started singing. (like King of the Road)
What we have seen repeatedly when driving this highway is the sign saying NORSKE NOOK.
1-Fullscreen capture 9242016 101723 PM
Minnesota is the most Scandinavian of all U.S. States and so it doesn’t surprise anybody To come across Scandinavian food places.
Norske Nook
I have seen a lot of Mac Ds along the highway and stopped at a few. I was disgusted to see what unhealthy menu they offer in the U.S. No green salad of any kind anywhere, most of them don’t even have the blueberry muffins. Mac Ds in Canada sure offer a better menu. What I do like at all Mac Ds, and which is the reason for stopping there is their fast WiFi and their cheap and good coffee. Or have you ever received a cup of coffee for 60cts anywhere else?

So after 784 Miles I made it to Moorhead,MN from where it is about another mile or so into North Dakota. This time I was looking for a Super 8 Motel and I found a great place for the same price I paid last night. After talking to Bea and giving status report I had myself a good old shower with lots of hot water. And now….I am done. Finito Finale!


  1. You are making good time, no more of those long travel days for me, soon you be there.

  2. You should slow your travels down a bit so that you are not totally exhausted by the time you get back home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. That hotel sounds awful. Not sure I would be comfortable even being in that room, let alone in that bed. You're lucky the bedbugs didn't get you.

  4. I have eaten at a Norske Nook. My late husband was Norwegian from Minnesota so lutefisk and lefse were his favorites--but not mine. Safe travels.


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