Wednesday, June 20, 2012

With the Air-condition on full Blast

It is a fact that we very rarely use the roof air condition in our RV, especially not when we are rolling down the highway, as that makes it necessary to run the big genny as well. Today was the exception from the rule. The outside temps were just about mindboggling.
For Lubec (that’s right on the water) the highs were supposed to top out at about 80. However, just a bit down south at Bangor it was 85 and here at Portland, ME they have reached over 90F.
Being on the I-95 going south, it just became unbearable for us behind the big windshield. Cascades of sweat were pouring out from my head and the juice was running into my eyes. The dash air had no chance against the heat pouring in through the windows. So we stopped behind a gas station at Augusta, turned everything of cold air on full blast and waited with an ice cream and a drink of cold juice in hand until the inside temps had gone down a bit. We had both roof airs on and the genny was making RPMs in the high range. But what the heck, it would cost us some diesel, but not doing it would make it just about impossible to drive.
Needless to say, we were somewhat happy when the driving was over and we had parked in a Wally-mart in Portland south. Of course we are thinking of our friends which are in the hot house of NYC, but hopefully in an air-conditioned transit bus which will rush them from Liberty International to La Guardia airport on the eastside of Manhattan.
Can’t say I’m jealous, though I’d like to see it once, Manhattan that is – on a cool day in mid-October. :-))
The news is that tomorrow it will be the very same heat all over again. So we’re planning picking the Norwegians up right early after they had a bite to eat. Hopefully we will be back on Campobello in the early afternoon. Actually I had thought we could do some sightseeing along the beautiful coast of Maine, but this heat would not invite to any walkabouts.

So, hey we are just trying to chill it.

Thanks for coming along again!


  1. Yes, there are two Portlands. The one thing they do have in common is that they both have lots of beautiful water around them and the humidity in both places can really smother you on a hot day!!

  2. Sounds a little bit too hot for me - but, heck we're still way too cool out here on the west coast, we could use some of that excess hot weather.

  3. So many parts of the country are having terrible heat. I'd be running that air too and the heck with the fuel. Hope you get on the road early.

  4. hope you stay cool tomorrow!..nothing worse than sweatin' and driving!

  5. Seems like it's hot all over. That roof air can be a life saver. Never hurts to exercise the generator either.

  6. We travelled on Tuesday and ran the genny with both roof airs conditioners as well. Good exercise for for both and kept our coach nice a cool. Nice for touring. Hope you get some comfortable weather soon.


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