Tuesday, June 26, 2012

About Socks and such

When the topic comes to socks I have a whole lot experience with that. Not that I ever mailed a sock like fellow blogger Bob did. Bob even mailed a sock across the Atlantic Ocean, which really would make it an international sock. I can’t but imagine what customs officials would think if that mailing was checked on the suspicion of containing drugs and they find a single sock? What kind of guy is this?

socks Ok, I was going to talk about MY own experience with socks. First of all I must tell you that socks suck. They suck in a big way, cause they have a tendency to simply disappear. They disappear in places where you would not expect them to disappear. I mean I could understand if you go to the beach and take your socks off and one of them disappears in the lose sand. But most socks disappear at home, despite the saying that “a house cannot lose a thing”.
When I know that I put 3 pairs of socks into the washer and only 2 pairs and a single one reappear then where the heck is that lost son of a sock? I put it in there and after the laundry is finished it’s gone. Not a single piece of it can be found. And it happens again and again.

My drawer is full of socks – single ones - lost souls who are waiting for their partner sock to be found again, to be reunited with their better half.

Geez… how many socks I have bought. I buy them in bundles…5 pairs for 19.99. On Sale!! Yep, that I do, but they won’t stay with me. Even mother-in-law has sent packages of socks from the other side of the Atlantic. Yes, yes she is actually mailing socks!

Imagine that.

Also these European socks like to disappear. In an attempt to make use of single socks I have laid them out on the bed, looking for matching colours uniting them in a second marriage, but most of them also have some sort of a pattern and that’s where it stops. Also, there are way too many shades of blue, grey and even black that this match-making has a lot of success. Of course, I could discard the single ones, but then what if the other one reappears in a magic way. And some of them do. Bea has occasionally found them hidden away in a fold of a shirt and sometimes balled up in under pants. Wow…

But most of them never show up again. So here I go again – buying new bundles of socks when they are on sale. And the local post lady puts another message in my P.O.Box announcing a new package from Germany containing socks.

Thanks for looking and keep an eye on your socks.


  1. Yes socks are mysterious creatures for sure. That why I buy a whole bunch all the same style and colour, that way can always have a matching partner when one decides to leave.

  2. It is incredible how socks just seem to disappear. Like George said, I buy them by the dozen - all the same color and style so if I lose one it doesn't really matter until I get down towards the end.

  3. Ha! I saw the "sock" title and I though, "What the heck?"

    I try to stick with one kind. They come from Costco, and the last batch came over in a suitcase. We do have some sort of "Trans-Atlantic" sock thing going, now that I think of it.
    But hey, I have enough socks! Dammit! I'm not buying socks over here that are thin and might possibly be hard to match.
    Anyway, since the one's from Costco are all the same, it's easier to match them up. Within reason. I won't put a new one with an old one, but that's the extent of my sock matching abilities. Got to keep it simple for the simpleton.
    Gawd, how did we get started on this? What have I done?

  4. I now have Rick on one kind only and like Bob they are Costco socks..and all the same color..because they also disappear here..for years with 5 kids and a husband in the house we had a 'sock' basket..all the singles went in there and every now and then we'd haul it out and try match some up...thankfully now we do NOT have the sock basket and Rick matches his own socks...like what the heck else does he have to do with his retirement lol....

  5. Get a package of safety pins. Before you put your pair of socks in the wash, pin the toes together... they will stay together nicely, through both the washer and the dryer, and you can take the pin out before you put on clean socks... and use the pin for your next pair of dirty socks. We 'lost' socks for three decades, but since discovering this method in 2003, we have not had any orphan socks... try it!


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