Friday, June 1, 2012

Aah.. the fog is gone, but…

 There is always a but, you know. And this time it is a huge low pressure area coming up along the east coast. So the beautiful sunshine we had today isn’t gonna last much longer. However, reading about the news from the big wildfire in New Mexico we are very, very fortunate that we get rain from time to time. Think about how much desire there is for rain in New Mexico.

I have been doing a whole lot of painting today until after the coffee break when I decided to enjoy a walk along Herring Cove. Can you imagine that the entire marvelous beach was completely empty of people? Molly and I were totally alone out there. It was an extremely low tide so the beach was wide and lots of sand invited to throw off the shoes and walk barefoot.  The upper part of the beach was dry and there the sand was red-hot.  Couldn’t even put my feet there.


DSC_0005-mi DSC_0006-mi
             The wide and empty beach at Herring Cove at low tideDSC_0001-1-mi
We have the 1. of June, and already have the leaves changed to a darker green. Summer breezes are rustling the crown of the mighty maple trees, this is the months of the lupines blossoming all over the island. Lilac blossoms have already been out a few days, while the fruit trees have lost their beautiful white and pink dress. A huge honey suckle tree has exploded into bloom over the last couple of days. It is the biggest honey suckle I have ever seen. DSC_0009-mi

                                       Honey Suckle on our property

Besides all the visible beauty there are also the wonderful fragrances of spring in the air. It is actually remarkable that every season of the year has its very own smells. Summer means the smell of drying hay and blooming roses, the fall carries the melancholic smell of decaying leaves, of water standing in ditches, reminding us to prepare for the nearing winter, and when snow has come to the ground the breezes, fresh, and cold, are the cleanest. Inuits and Lapplanders say they can smell the snow, and I think I can too.

Nature is the biggest wonder we humans can experience, and I just can’t imagine how some people can live without it.

Tomorrow somebody on the island has organized a big plant sale where the entire proceeds are going to charity. Bea is gonna drive over there with a neighbour.  I bet she is coming back loaded.

I want to thank everyone for the congrats to our anniversary. It means a lot to us, especially since we don’t have our families around us. Friends do replace family when “home” is thousands of miles away on a different continent. At this occasion I will also say what blessing it has been to meet so many nice people throughout our extensive travels and more recently through blogging, most of these folks having grown to be friends.

Even though it is kind of flattering to read about that we haven’t changed our looks so much over the past 25 years, we know that that isn’t quite true. It might appear differently in the pictures, but our mirrors know the truth. Trust me.

And that’ll be all for today!

Thanks for coming by again!


  1. Jim and I were just talking about how good everything smelled today when we went to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. So very different from the dry desert. And nobody on the beach - that is about as perfect as you can get. AZ as well as TX and NM would take some of your rain in a heartbeat.

  2. My home Province gets an awful lot of FOG also. I don't like it as it depresses me. But when the sun does shine it is truly beautiful. Wish it were warmer though !! LOL

  3. The different smells of the seasons are really quite amazing like you said. We enjoy them all.

  4. Thank you for your blog. You describe scenes that have been gone for six to eight weeks here. Through your writing, I can experience spring again. Ahhhhh and an empty beach to walk on. ```sigh```

    1. Thank you Nan for being a reader and follower.

  5. We notice the same sorts of sights and sounds walking around the beaches and forests here on Vancouver Island. It's kind of nice that so many of the beaches and trails are deserted as it helps preserve nature. Must have been very warm for the sand to get too hot to walk on.


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