Monday, June 25, 2012

South of the Border

What’s the purpose of the trip today?  That was the question we got when we left Campobello across the border this morning. Of course the purpose was to show off a few of the nice places in Maine to our guests from Norway. The first stop was the West Quoddy Lighthouse in the West Quoddy State Park. The lighthouse keepers dwelling has been turned into a visitor center and was a very interesting place to see.
DSC_0008-mi DSC_0018-mi

DSC_0012-mi DSC_0010-mi

After following route 191 via the little fishing village Cutler we got to Machias from where we went to the Rogue Bluff State Park which offers one of the nicest sandy beaches in the region.
DSC_0019-mi DSC_0037-mi Norwegians on the beach

Had us a short lunch stop at the Dunkin’ Donut place, though I would always prefer a Canadian Tim Hortons.
DSC_0032-mi DSC_0039-mi

It was a nice day with some nice sunshine. and our friends got to see another region of the east coast.DSC_0027-mi

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  1. Nice looking lighthouse and beaches. Glad to see it wasn't raining either.

  2. Enjoyed your photos. I think the east coast must be getting all the sunshine.

  3. Mighty nice looking light house you got there:))

  4. Nice to be able to share some beautiful spots with your friends.


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