Saturday, June 30, 2012

Canada Day Weekend

DSC_0310-miIt’s Canada Day Weekend and fortunately the weather finally turned out its nice side. With temps in the mid-seventies the island has started the celebrations on June 30 this year. Today we had the raising of the flag and singing of National Anthem at 10:00am at the Herring Cove Provincial Park. In the back and close to the campground local vendors had set up stands. One was selling knitwear of a special kind, (see picture hereto) while others tried to raise money for various help – projects.DSC_0298-mi
Of course, we met a lot of people we knew and were chatting our way across the big field.DSC_0304-mi

    Trying on the latest fashion…
Afterwards we went to Lubec,ME to see whether we could buy more delicious lobster from the Inn on the Wharf.

This time we chose 3 lobsters with a total weight of almost 5 pounds. While they were cooked we sat down on the patio deck with a coffee and a piece of raspberry pie.

When the waitress arrived we chatted her up and she told us that she was from Bulgaria and had come to the U.S. as an exchange student. Her name was Lydia and she had plans to graduate as a Molecular Biologist in Bulgaria this fall.
Lydia was the most charming and friendly waitress I had seen in a long time. She also told us that she was in a group of three students, all of them from Bulgaria. When we asked her whether she would agree to be mentioned in this blog she was more than willing to pose for a picture.DSC_0353-mi  DSC_0354-mi
So, if you should come to Lubec, ME and visit the Inn on the wharf, you might get lucky to get Lydia to be your waitress.
After receiving our lobsters we dropped by the grocery store and got a few things for the kitchen.

Our sightseeing van was decorated with Canadian flags and was noticed where ever we came.
DSC_0323-miWe had gotten an invitation to see our neighbours, Susan and Miada from Denver,CO at 3:00pm so we all got over to their house for a snack and a chat.
The conversation went on in English and Norwegian and touched everything from Jazz music via the big Colorado wild fires to various travel topics. We were served absolutely delicious snacks with excellently spiced up tuna on toasted bread.

The day was adjourned with a lobster supper, prepared by Bea in our very own kitchen.

Have a great Canada Day Weekend!


  1. Gorgeous waterfront photos. I sure wish you could teleport a couple lobsters and a piece of raspberry pie in this direction.

  2. Happy Canada Day! Nice to see your weather co-operated.

  3. Happy Canada Day to you guys too. And fresh lobster ohh.... sounds so good! Wish we were there.


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