Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back to Our Normal Day

With all he Royal Celebrations in London being over we can return the topic of the blog to normalcy. And “normal” in this house means work. Currently the renovations I could do seem to be non-ending. However, I have to set priorities. Like today a neighbour came over suggesting we remove a wall between two bed rooms. Even if that might seem like a good idea it would sure blow up my plans. The days over here have only 24hrs and a week consists of 7 days. Guess you knew that, right?
But that has consequences like nothing else. Between painting, mudding and working in my carpentry shop I am running up- and downstairs clambering on ladders and today even managed to twist my knee. It was the one I have had trouble with since those Norwegian days on our farm. Of course I haven’t had pain in it for years. But it seems that the problem is still there perking up when least expected.
And oh yes, there is the phone as well. Happened quite a few times yesterday and
DSC_0089-mitoday that I had to kick certain bureaucrats in the you-know–what-place. I hate that!
Just to tell you: I have built a wainscoting in the upper hallway, I have painted a ceiling in our bedroom and primed the walls. I painted the walls of the hallway and met the problem that the old DSC_0088-mipaint throws bubbles when the water-based latex comes on top. So I had to implement plan B which means I will utilize a roll of fabric we bought years ago but never used, to cover that old uneven plaster wall over the wainscoting with. That will take care of all the bubbles and I don’t have to scrape that old paint off, risking that the plaster will follow suit.
Oh - it  sure is so much fun to deal with an old house.

That one bureaucrat never called me back, even though he had promised to do so.

The day was a mix of rain showers, dark clouds and a tiny bit of sunshine. It was cold all the time and I wonder whether we have foregone summer and started on the fall season right away.
First at sunset the clouds parted and let Ms.Sun peek out. That caused me to jump into the car and drive up the road to a spot from where we have a terrific view over the Passamaquoddy Bay.
DSC_0100-mi                  You can still see the dark clouds which have been hovering around all day.   


  1. Sounds like you need to slow down a bit a smell the roses. Or, is it all work and no play type of thing. Enjoy yourself a little bit. Don't work all the time but it sure is looking nice!

  2. Okay - I'm tired and my whole body hurts just from reading your post. It really looks good though. You're going to be so happy when it's time to take off again so you can relax.

  3. nice job on the redecorating!..and the sunset photo is beautiful!!

  4. I'm glad to see someone else in the same re-decorating boat I am. It's hard work running up and downstairs, I know. It sure does help pass the time between RV trips though.

  5. I have renovated many old houses and there is always lotsa surprises. It can be a never ending job for sure, take it easy on your knee. Atleast you took time to enjoy the bit of sun you had.

  6. I guess the bad weather at least keeps you inside to work on the interior. I really liked your sunset pic.

  7. We will be Crossing from Michigan to Ontario at Autumn on the way to Orangeville ON,will you be in the area?

  8. Sorry Danny we won't. We will be on Campobello all summer, but you can always come on over. Take the Campobello Sightseeing van and enjoy the Atlantic Coast for a while.


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