Wednesday, May 2, 2012

They are Coming

norskflagg It is now 35 years that I met Terje and his young family. I was young too --- 25 years. I was working as a stage technician and Terje was a caretaker for several buildings in town, one of them being the theatre shop.

Being completely new in town AND in Norway I truly appreciated the way this family offered their friendship. By the way you can read about my time in Norway and all the
crazy things happening there here and here and here and here and here. (click on the white links)
Terje and his wife also became our Best Man/Maid of honour at our wedding in 1987.
IMG_6697Both have been invited to several family gatherings in Germany and we always enjoyed each others company. Looking back at those 35 past years these folks are our best friends and we sure felt sorry when we left them behind in Norway.
Terje and his wife have been visiting us in Canada, and Terje also came to see us in Holtville, CA.
Today we have received word that they will be coming over to Canada again to be with us when we celebrate 25 years of marriage, my 60th birthday and being 10 years in Canada. Three good reasons to come and experience Campobello Island.

We will be sure to have a worthy sightseeing program ready for them.


  1. You guys were really the cat's meow when you got married! Very good looking!

    I clicked on all the links and really had a fun time reading about your crazy antics. Those were definitely some crazy times you experienced.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Love your wedding photos. Now I'll check out your links!

  3. Lovely Wedding Picture.... love it! I keep trying to check out your links.. but have been having server problems all day... maybe tomorrow. You folks have had (and still have) an interesting life. Happy Anniversary... best wishes for the next 25... and even more!

  4. That's so awesome !

  5. Happy Anniversary. Jim and I celebrate 26 this month. And having such wonderful friends there to celebrate with you, that is really special.

  6. It will be a special time to have great friends visit for these milestone celebrations. Have fun.

  7. happy anniversary the wedding picture...awesome that your friends are coming to visit!!!

  8. That's quite the hat you wore on your wedding day!! Sounds like it's going to be a fun visit with your friends.


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