Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Big Change in the Weather

When the weather changes to wind, rain and thunderstorms we cease to move around outside. Today is one of those days and according to the weather men more of that is coming. But even though it looked as we would get a lot of thunder 
early on, the weather system parted in the middle moving north and south of us, leaving us with some rain only. 
My productivity however, was limited to get some panels painted which I intend to 
use for some wainscoting in the upper level hallway. I am lucky enough to own all kind of carpentry machinery, which is almost essential if one intends to start renovating an old house without wanting to call in the trades. 
And matter of fact I ENJOY it. It’s what I do if there is nothing else to do, which rarely is the case.
Tomorrow we will be starting on renovating one of the bedrooms. Old wallpaper will remain on the wall, but loose ends will be cut off. The corners have to be re-enforced with drywall tape, then ‘mudded’ and sanded before painting can commence. THAT is a type of work I enjoy a lot less, as it always means a lot of dust and dirt. 

The next project has already lined up. It has to do with dry-walling as well, lots of it! Since we built the new entryway in the front last year it has been standing with studs and outside siding only. Now the turn will come to the inside, and I better get it done before our visitors from Norway arrive. That is if they come. But the last news about the broken hip is positive. So far, the thing is healing pretty good.
Had to get an oil change done on the JEEP. Made an appointment with an auto shop and drove over in the afternoon.  30 minutes and 37 Bucks later I was back home and could enjoy a few of the last banana muffins made after Vienna-Bob’s recipe. I call him Vienna-Bob as there are too many other Bobs circling in blog-land and email orbit.

Denise, from “Sassy’s on da Road” has taken up directions towards Campobello Island. We just hope that she isn’t running into all that thundery weather.

Bea has been active with our video camera. She mounted it on our tripod, placed it on the kitchen counter and waited patiently until Mr. Hummingbird showed up. The little video clip beneath is just a bit of 1mb, so it shouldn’t eat too much band with.

And more hasn't happened today!
Thanks for showing up.



  1. Thanks for the hummingbird clip - loved it. And thanks for mentioning banana muffins. I have some over-ripe bananas...but not for long!!

  2. Sorry but 'Denise' changed her mind again and kept on truckin' through Quebec. LOL Maybe next time.

  3. Okay I thought I left a comment but I guess it didn't post.

    As far as weather changes go, I know that the closer we live to the ocean the more changes we get. They aren't all pleasant but it's still the best place to live. It sounds like you certainly have your work cut out for you this summer.


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