Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finally – Spring is in the Air

After a cold April and a rather cool beginning of May it seems nature is getting the wake-up call. We see cherry trees and shrubs in bloom, grass is growing wildly (even our new lawn seed is running up) and neighbours have tulips and daffodils in the garden. The air was fresh and clear this morning, a blue sky over the entire area and it sure lifted my spirits.
I was eager to get active.
DSC_0071-mi                            Our street DSC_0035-mi

I let Molly make her morning walk without a leash, there is never any traffic on our street on a Saturday morning.
Back at the house, I started the day by scraping paint. After 3 hours I felt my left arm getting heavy from holding that heating gun, so I stopped. Looking around I realized the lawn needed to be mowed. So that became my next point on the agenda.
DSC_0034-mi                                                          Bad weather moving on

Meanwhile Bea disappeared in the Motor Home armed with bucket, soap and the vacuum cleaner. It was the perfect day for an all-round- cleanup. After all that’s where our summer guests from Norway will be staying. Pretty soon I heard the big Genny rumbling to life to the accompaniment  of our vacuum cleaner.
After mowing the lawn I took on the shed door, which originates from our kitchen. The old interior paint was hanging in shreds. With a paint stripper I removed all that old paint and put on a layer of white exterior primer.  Stepping back I was satisfied with the result. The door looked brand new.

DSC_0045-miLater in the afternoon Bea and I walked up our street. Another American neighbor had just arrived the previous night from Florida. The Summer birds are returning to Campobello island. Another one just came in from Boston, MA. It is our dear neighbour Gladys, who is 88 years old and still drives her car up from Boston.

Walking along our street on a beautiful day like today gives me an inner peace which I would never want to miss. How pitiful it must be to live in big city.

DSC_0047-mi                                                              Molly on the prowl..

Tomorrow is Mothers Day
I would have loved being able to talk to mother tomorrow. I miss her a lot.
                                                Over the wide Passamaquoddy Bay



  1. A day full of accomplishments. You may not be able to use that arm tomorrow though cause its going to be sore. A beautiful spring day. I could almost smell your flowers and fresh cut grass.

  2. you had a very busy day!..productive that is for sure!..I am sure there are few bloggers out in blogville who wish they could hug their mom's tomorrow!

  3. Spring is definitely in the air. I think it's the best season of all.

  4. Gotta love just being outside doing stuff, any kinda stuff is good when the weather is nice.

  5. Good to see it's warming up on Campobello. We had our best day in a long while here as well with the temperature getting all the way up to 22C!

  6. Your neighborhood looks so wonderful.


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