Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another kind of SEE-Glass

While raking up more brush in that raspberry clearing Bea found another type of SEE-Glass. 
We were both amazed how these eye-glasses had survived in the dirt without ever having been broken by someone stepping on it. A quick test revealed they were not made for my eyes nor for Bea’s eyes. looking through it they seem to be a simple type of magnifying glasses. We took care of them and who knows…maybe the owner can be found???
 DSC_0002-mi  DSC_0003-mi


  1. interesting find!..wonder who they belong to and how they got there?

  2. Oh boy .. someone probably looked and looked for those after they were lost. Too bad the owner can't be found. However, if it's on your property, maybe he shouldn't have been there.

  3. Those are some tuff glasses. Let us know if anybody claims them.


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