Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Rather Grey Day

After several days with truly outstanding weather we got ‘rewarded’ with a foggy and wet day. Wet, but no rain that is. According to the weather guys it should have rained this afternoon, but it stayed dry. But we had a high humidity and it was warm. In fact it almost felt tropical. Bea had been off to St.Stephen early in the morning to get another test done at the hospital.
After she returned we were off to the Roosevelt Park to familiarize ourselves with the Park’s 15-seat passenger van. Tomorrow we are supposed to take the van over to St. Stephen to perform a road test for the extension of our driver licenses. Two weeks later we will take possession of our own van, a 2006 Chevy Express Van. We will start the new venture on July 01 Canada Day.


This will be our sticker for the van.


There isn’t really anything more to say so I better quit.


  1. Our gorgeous weather turned to rain also. Rain, rain go away ... come again another day. (Maybe it can come back in January when we're not here.)

  2. Two really enjoyable photos. Good luck with your driving test.

  3. You seem to be well suited for your new venture as tour guides judging by the blogs you've written about Campobello Island.

  4. Good for you! I sure people will really be happy to have you guiding them around your wonderful island.


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