Friday, May 25, 2012

A Complete Knockout

We are knocked out. Completely. After 350 miles on the road we are dizzy and tired. Consequently there will be no long blog tonight. Just a few words about why we did the long drive today. At one point we had to take a look at our future sightseeing van.  It is based 175miles to the north-west over Canadian-style roads. Even Molly complained when the Jeep bounced through the potholes, shaking wildly from one side to the other.
When we finally reached the Village of Bath the small hand of the clock was almost pointing to the 1. It didn’t help that our GPS gal was completely off and led us on a wild goose chase through the green woodlands of New Brunswick.
We saw a lot of pretty landscape though, and I hope being able to show you the pics Bea shot tomorrow.


  1. That doesn't sound good at all. Get some sleep and don't worry about the blog. We'll all catch up when you're more rested.

  2. That's too many miles for one day...we drove 250 round trip yesterday to see our granddaughter and that just about wiped us out. Get some rest.

  3. That is a lot of miles in one day especially in a Jeep, relax and take it easy.

  4. We've done a couple longer hauls like that and it is exhausting but sometimes necessary.


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