Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Double Double

 Normally I would not have had the energy of putting up a posting today, but I can’t let you guys be hanging in thin air. But it’s gonna be a short one, I promise and no pics!
Had a long day today.  Bea had double medical appointments in St.Stephen,NB  while I had to drop by the Credit Union followed by a date with a tourism guy in St.Andrews,NB AND finally I had to do the written test for my bus driver license in Saint John,NB. We left the island at around 10:45am in nice sunshine. When we got back about 6:45pm it was raining a lot.

Just today’s driving was around the 400km mark including large construction areas on the TC-1, four International border crossings and the usual blablabla with all the office types one has to meet. While Bea stayed in St.Stephen I went off to Saint John. Bea was done early at 2pm but had to wait until I returned around 5:30pm. She had taken her little fold-up bike along so she could move around in town. While we had our busy day Molly had a ball with good neighbours. These folks have tons of squirrels in their garden and Molly went straight to the patio door for keeping watch with those small critters. She never noticed that I was gone but was sure glad when I got in to pick her up again in the evening.

And that was our day today!

Thanks for stopping by again!  Yawn…..


  1. Some days I just can't blog and other days I have lots of thoughts for blogs. Thus, I have backups about nothing. I've been on one of those "don't want to blog" periods now for a couple weeks. When we're busy, it's hard. Rest up and tomorrow should be easier!! Our rain is gone at least for a week or two. Yours will be too soon.

  2. A daily blog is mostly all about what you did that day. I cut the grass and went to the thrift store - exciting stuff, eh??


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