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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 31

Just another day
It was almost boring today hadn't it been that the metal roofing sheets were too long for the intended roof. Well, I had ordered them to measure 99inch, but they were actually 111inch. You might say better too long than too short, but now I have to cut every sheet, and see, that was the problem today. I have a grinder but a little part - the washer which centers the cutting disk - had gone missing. So I had ordered the part, but of course it takes 6 days before....  Meanwhile I thought of borrowing a grinder from a mechanic I know. But that didn't work out either as the washer he had on his grinder didn't fit. So finally I called the lumber store again and ordered a new grinder. I just can't wait for my own grinder being fixed as I have already put roofing paper on and with the wind conditions out here it might be a matter of days until the stuff is---you guessed it--- gone with the wind.

So hopefully I can get on with the matter tomorrow. 

I see that quite a few bloggers are now "talking" about preparing to go south for the winter. It's the "Hitch-Itch" which has gotten to us. And even those of us who have motor homes have to "hitch on" the toad, their car to go shopping with. Actually ours, a Jeep Patriot, is being trailered on a car-hauler. I like the possibilty to be able to back-up, f.ex. into a parking site on a truck stop, or when I am getting stuck in a crowded gas station. Try to do that with a flat-towed car behind... And when we bought the motor home it was actually cheaper to acquire a trailer than having a tow-bar and a braking system installed. The trailer also doubles as a platform for our BBQ and for installing a WIFI antenna when out in the desert.
And tomorrow is SEPTEMBER folks! 7-8 weeks and we'll be rolling!!

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