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Monday, August 1, 2011

August 01

Why I love my dog
I have a dog which I love dearly and which I have learned of a lot. 
When I look into her eyes I see complete innocence. And isn't that an attitude that all animals have? Sure, most of them need to kill prey as they need to eat. But that is not what I think of. Rather I think of the innocence of their mind and what it means to them and what it would mean to us.

An animal has never bad thoughts, does never plan an intrigue, a murder caused by jealousy, political hate or personal greed, Animals don’t think of yesterday nor tomorrow. Led by their instincts, they think of the moment they live in, and by that, their thinking is void of sorrows, worries and fears of the future. 
Most places I go, my dog goes as well. She loves to travel with us and shows a lot of devotion and love. 

Animals do not need a pension, nor any insurance. They do not have to pay bills, watch their net worth grow, apply for loans or fight the IRS. 

They don’t need to fight themselves through a divorce, they just go their way. 

Thousands of humans get killed every day in traffic as somebody doesn’t seem to have enough time to get where he or she is headed. My dog has time enough to live and enjoy life. I want that too. In fact that is what life is all about,
Animals will never seek out danger or start a war. They don’t sell weapons to eachother or talk behind eachothers back. Animals are peaceful and that is the most valuable thing we should learn from them. Mankind has had dogs for thousands of years, and yet has never learned to adjust his own mind the way they live.

Our brain is been considered our blessing, but isn’t it our doom as well? It is the fact which differentiates us from animals, that we can reach conclusions, develop tools and technical apparatus which can catapult us to the moon or make us throw a nuclear bomb onto our enemies.. But my dog would never do that, as she does not think about other countries, other tribes or political systems which rule the world. I can’t picture her seizing an airplane over New York City and directing the plane into the World Trade Center. Only humans are capable of a thing like that.

My dog lives under my protection because I need to protect her as the innocent creature she is.  We humans are not innocent, but guilty of all kind of bad thoughts and deeds.

That is the reason why I love my dog, and if you think about it, probably it is your reason too.

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  1. This was just beautiful, exactly like your baby. I love my girls. Life would be so empty without them.


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